We are a Swedish family living and working in Kathmandu, Nepal. We export Nepalese products all over the world.

Ani: Creative, listens to books all the time, loves to sleep late in the morning.

Nicholas: Loves to watch sports, especially cricket, gets up really early in the morning.

Britt (Nicholas’ mom): Loves the sun, bakes yummy cinnamon buns and Swedish bread.

Leya, 10 years: Loves to dance, misses her best friend Eva when she isn’t around, hates homework.

Angel, an Indian street dog: Guards the family, a tough gal with a soft heart.

Lizzie, a Nepalese street dog: Adores and follows her mom Ani everywhere, loves cheese and icecream.

Pixi, an adopted corgi-ish sweetheart: Shews on stray paper, barks more than necessary, hangs around the kitchen in case food is falling down on the floor.